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Are you an expecting first time dad? If so, you may be unsure what the future holds for you. There are probably a lot of questions and emotions floating around in that head of yours right about now. Below, we will discuss a few things that will help you come to terms with the new realization that you will be a father, so read on.

Your role as a first time dad involves a few important things. First of all, you need to support your significant other as best as you can. This will be a challenge, however, especially since she will be going through a rough 9 months. The hormones coursing through her veins will make things much more difficult to communicate, and will challenge your patience. Support her through praise and action. Take on a lions share of the household chores, like cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry. Give her backrubs and footrubs regularly. Shower her with praise. Supporting her with action and praise will not only keep her spirits up, but will keep you busy, earn you points, and help the miserable 9 months to pass quickly.

Once the baby arrives, there aren't a lot of things you can do for him/her. You won't be doing a lot of the feeding, especially your wife is nursing the baby. You won't do a lot of holding. But one thing you absolutely can and should jump on is diaper duty. Your significant other will basically take care of 95% of the baby's needs, leaving you with one vital contribution: diapers. But don't let that scare you. It's really not as bad as it might initially seem, and you'll learn how to change diapers pretty quickly.

Your role as a new dad revolves more around a support role than anything else. You need to be there for your significant other by supporting her with praise and with action. When the baby arrives, chip in by feeding him/her when possible. Off her to help bathe the baby and change its clothes, and most importantly of all, help with diaper changes. If you get up in the night to change a dirty diaper, you will gain the appreciation of your spouse in no time! Good luck, and hopefully these tips will help you prepare for your role as a new dad!

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