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When you're a parent, you face a constant series of challenges as your child goes through all the different stages of growing up. The most important preparatory tool that you can have is to have strategies ready to go that you have learned from other people that were successful in raising their children. What follows are some parenting techniques that can help make your role as a parent a little easier.

Regardless of what you do as a parent, the most important thing that you can do is be involved with them so that they know you are there, even if you are a little strict.

It is important to always participate in your child's life because it is this interaction that allows them to go further than they could have if you had not been there. It is important to also realize that life can become very busy, so you need to find time and schedule it in for your kids or you will miss them as they grow up. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to be there for your kids; simply showing up and doing something with them is usually enough. Children always pick up much of their behavior from watching their parents, as you are their first role models in life. Parents must, therefore, exhibit the kind of values they expect their children to take on. If you frequently swear around the house but tell your kids to watch their language, you won't have much hope of influencing them the way you want. Kids learn best by observation, which is why you should strive to live up to your own standards. While certain actions (e.g. driving, having a glass of wine) are obviously appropriate for adults but not for kids, the important thing is living up to the values that you want your kids to take on. No parent can be the perfect role model at all times, but the idea is to at least make this your goal.

There are definitely ways that you could change your child's behavior and get them to mind you a little better. One of the most effective ways to handle this is to give the child some choices. Any choice that you give your child will give them the power to make the right decision, something you want them to learn. Say, for example, that your toddler is about to make a mess out of your newly planted garden.

Rather than yelling at him to stop doing that, you could frame it in such a way that he has choices, such as playing with a toy or eating a snack. This way, you're taking control of the situation by making it clear he has to change his behavior, but you're also giving him some alternatives to choose between.

Being a good parent is more of an art than a science, as you'll always find new situations that aren't described in any book. Still, it can help to ponder various issues regarding parenting so you can come up with your own personal outlook. No matter how you raise your children however, you'll see that, little by little, they begin to make their own choices and develop their own personalities.

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