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Motherhood is the best phase in a woman's life. The bond shared by mother and baby is stronger than any other bond or relationship. It is said that motherhood is the phase when a woman becomes complete. However, motherhood is also the phase that marks as the end of socialization for most women, at least for few years. Due to the responsibility of the infant, the mother gets little or no time for herself or for social gatherings. Now mothers all over the world can expand their wings and socialize all they want with “”. It is a social media site especially made for mothers all around the world. It is not like other social sites. This site helps moms to connect with other moms all over the world. This site offers loads of stuffs for mothers, they can find out the latest news and events happening in the world, they can find the resources that they require play online games and even shop online for a whole lot of things. The best part is mom of the month contest. It a monthly contest organized by this site, where every month a mom on the site is given the mom of the month award. Mom of the month is selected with the help of voting done by the members of the site. It is the best social media site for moms all over the world. provides you with online baby store, so that you don't have to leave your infant at the mercy of a babysitter and go out to a baby store. On this online store, you will get a whole range of baby items, everything that you would require or think of. You can even get personalized children's items; personalize the children items according to your need. Special care has to be taken for the premature babies, as they are indeed delicate and fragile. Their skin is super sensitive. So there has to be special clothes for premature babies or preemie babies. This online store even offers you preemie baby clothes, for the super sensitive skin of premature babies. There is a whole range of newborn baby infant clothing available on this site. Newborn dresses, newborn baby clothes, baby gift items are just a click away. Selecting baby gifts is always a hectic task, as there are not many baby gifts available in the shops. Now you don't have to worry about it, as there is an enormous range of gifts for baby girls, gift for a new baby and even personalized items for kids that are easily available on Apart from gift items you can even shop for baby care products such as dippers, shampoos, soaps, etc via this online store. Safety of a baby is the biggest concern for all parents. Keeping this in mind gives you many baby proofing products such as play pen, pool fence, baby gates, prams, etc.

Parenting a child can be very difficult for the first time parents. Hence, we provide you with baby care tips, so that taking care of the child should not be a burden for you. During pregnancy, a mother has to be very careful because whatever she does, eats or drinks directly affects the child. Following our pregnancy tips, a soon to be mother does not have to worry about what products she should avoid and what not to avoid. We even provide you with mother care products like shampoos, soaps, toothpastes, etc, as women are most vulnerable during their pregnancy. Hence they should take extra care of themselves. provides a mom with the whole world of socializing, parenting and baby care.

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