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It is easy to find joy in the presence of a new life, but sometimes with that joy there is uncertainty. Pregnancy is not easy under the best of circumstances; there are many physical changes, emotional stressors and financial concerns. Good prenatal care is available, but it comes at a cost. If the pregnancy is unplanned and the stressors are overwhelming, there are alternative choices including adoption. If a woman is pregnant adoption is one way to ensure that the child will have a loving and supportive family.

Adoptive parents go through extensive pre-screening processes in order to ensure that they meet a high standard of care for the placement of a child

They must meet certain income requirements, undergo criminal background checks, interviews, home inspections and provide character references to the agency that is facilitating the adoption. The government standards are very rigorous. As a prospective candidate, the family who wishes to adopt will put together an information package for the birth mother describing their family and outlining the reasons why they want to be parents. There are no doubts that a child will be placed into a loving and supportive home. If a woman is pregnant, adoption is a very viable choice. Caring enough to want the best for a child is a sign of a loving parent.

The process will vary from agency to agency, but the basics remain the same


The expectant mother will register with an agency, meet with a counsellor, and discuss her options. This conversation can happen at any point during a pregnancy, and in no way does having those discussions constitute a commitment to the adoption process. If money is a factor during pregnancy, adoption agencies may be able to help with the prenatal care and planning as well as potentially assist with financial obligations – costs of living, housing, food and medical expenses. Prospective parents will help cover those costs, too.

If the prospect of losing all contact with the child and family is daunting, this is no longer the case with adoption

Many adoptions nowadays are open or semi-open and the expectation is that the birth mother and adoptive parents will remain in contact after the adoption takes place. The details can be agreed upon prior to the adoption – yearly letters, pictures, visits or contact by phone are all possibilities. If a woman is pregnant, adoption does not mean that she will never see the child again. Adoptive parents agree to the arrangement of sending photos, potentially setting up visits, and maintaining contact with the birth mother. There can never be too many people to love a child.

For a woman who is pregnant, adoption may be the best course of action. There are many options – closed adoption, open adoption, or semi-open adoption. There are benefits – knowing that a child is being placed in a loving home, and receiving assistance with the details involved in managing a pregnancy. There is counselling available to help with the emotional highs and lows as well as reassurance that the right decision for everyone has been made. Giving up a child for adoption, knowing that they will be loved and given all sorts of opportunities is a gesture of unselfish and unconditional love.

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