Parenting Tips For Children

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These facts are the results of a study by doctor Ines Wilhelm from Institute of medical psychology and behavioral neurobiology, University of Tuebingen. The research shows that the sleep after studying helps saving the knowledge for long periods. When we're sleeping the memory passes into a phase which makes the studying easier in future.


  • Kids sleep longer and deeper and perceive huge amount of information daily. This helps them to grow up smart and healthy.
  • During sleeping the memory gets structured, nerves are built, separated growth hormone is secreted intensively.
  • Without enough sleep, children don't have enough energy to grow and develop properly and get aggressive and have difficulties with studying.
  • See these tips that will help you to provide your child enough sleep:


    The sleep during summer vacation should be enough, because in the summer the fatigue for the organism is even bigger because of the hours of playing games outdoors and the heat.

    Thermal comfort


    For healthy sleep the temperatue in the bedroom should be appropriate. Many children wake up or can't fall asleep because of thermal discomfort. Don't wrap them with more than a blanket when the temperature in the room is over 18 degrees Celsius. If it's colder, wrap your kid well. For excellent thermal comfort provide to your child 2 pyjamas – 1 for the summer and one for the winter. There are various types of nightwear, but the best material for children's pyjamas is cotton, because it lets the skin to breathe and it's appropriate even for the most sensitive skin. Buy pyjamas that your kid would like – with a print of his/her favorite thing – a movie, a game, a fruit, an animal etc.


    Watching television or using computer before sleep can ruin the sleep's cycle. The light of the screen activates the cortex which makes falling asleep harder. Specialists recommend to avoid watching TV or computer gaming just before going to bed. Replace the modern entertaining with the classical ways of lull to sleep – reading a good story or just singing a lullaby.

    Create Routine

    If the kid gets used to going to bed at one and the same time every evening, after well known ritual – dinner, brushing teeth, a tale for example, it will be easy to provide healthy sleep. Rituals helps the kid to built his/her own routine and be productive every day. Invent your family go-to-sleep relaxing routine(with hugging, reading, watching a movie etc.) and with persistence, your kid will get used to it.

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