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According to survey, 8% of school age children and 10% of young people has been shown with ADHD.

The most common behavior disorder among teens and childhood is the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder or ADHD Usually this disorder is detected during early childhood. However, to some it still has an effect on several teens. The early signs of ADHD in adolescents are lack of paying concentration, recklessness, and being hyperactive. It causes to disrupt and seriously hinder a normal life.

Occasionally, ADHD may present with other conditions such as disabilities in learning, anxiety disorders, and mood disorder which is caused by the use of a substance, misuse of drug and drug abuse at a very young age. ADHD play a part to interfere all teenage life, so it is important to have a precise medical diagnosis and efficient treatment for ADHD and other existing problems caused by ADHD.

Signs of ADHD in teens have similarity to ADHD in children. Some of these signs are having difficulty in paying attention or staying focused to their task, feels restless, hyperactive, easily irritated and distracted, and inability to sleep. For teens in school, the most common signs are they tend to loose or forget their homework, become restless even when sitting, problems to stay focus to instructions, become disorganized to their school papers, easily got bored so they sometimes interrupt their teachers.

For young people having problems with staying focused and controlling their behavior, it affects their emotions and self-confidence especially on how well they do in school. They also worry about their school grades as well as their performance in school because this disorder interferes their ability to study and learn. Their relationships with friends and family or other areas of their lives are affected as well. With the changes in hormones which are usually in adolescents' stage, it strengthens ADHD.

For that reason, family counseling can really help treat ADHD in teens because it keeps parents informed and also shows them ways wherein they can work with their young adult children to help. It also helps to improve communication within the family and to solve problems that come up between teens and their parents at home. Schools are also involved in helping students with ADHD. Most of them will develop a plan that is right for each teen and make changes that allow learning in ways that work best for them. Talking about those feelings, dealing with them and accepting them often make the process much easier. Another is engaging them to their favorite hobbies like in sports.

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