Parenting Your Teenager

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There are at least two critical areas we need to be aware of when it comes to taking great care concerning what our daughters sense from us.

1. We must take great “eye care” when interacting with our daughters.
2. We must take great “standard keeping care” when interacting with our daughters.

— She Senses What Your Eyes Are “Saying” To Her —

Your eyes talk.

They speak, tell stories, reflect emotions, and transfer feelings. Wandering eyes often reflect thoughts traveling in the same manner: wandering.

May we:

Stop long enough to look, but not stare — or worse yet glare — for little or no positive reasons at all.

Stop those inner road trips to various less important destinations than that of the daughter in whose presence you stand. Stop and make that “you have my full attention” connect with your eyes.

Look with appreciation, delight and laughter: don't forget the laughter!

— She Senses Your Approval or Disapproval —
(A subtitle of this might read: She Senses Disappointment Cloaked In The Often Deceptive Guise Of “Keeping The Standards.”)

Work at entering your heart into a lifelong training adventure of being quick to show approval and slow to correct.

Yes, I do know that being quick to correct reflects godly wisdom in action when correction, warning, and either life-preserving or faith-preserving acts reflect the definite need of the hour.

However, I am addressing an overall mindset in this suggestion.

I fear that men of faith often feel so burdened (and pressured) to keep the faith that…

They lose sight of the power of being a grace-giver and yield to the inner drive to be a standard keeper or the world's best “here's what must be done rules enforcer.”

Of course Jesus let me know I qualified as a sinner. He did so when I first trusted Him as my Savor and has done so many times following that moment.


He wrapped His arms around me in love while pointing out my short fall at the beginning of my faith journey and He continues doing the same when I blow it now.

We can only pray as men of faith that our daughters would feel — feel — in the depth of their hearts something like the following:

“Dad does correct me. And, honestly, I hate the correction at times. But one thing I know when he does: he loves me with all his heart and tries to balance truth and grace any time I am corrected.”

May we:

1. Be wise in the standards we set.
2. Be filled with love, truth, wisdom and grace as we enforce those standards.
3. And reflect appreciation, approval and affirmation of the person all along the way!

Speaking Of Prayer…

“Lord, strengthen me in the practice of making great connects to my daughters with my eyes.”

“Lord, as I live as a man of faith please empower me to be a grace, truth and love giver as I create and keep standards with my daughters.”

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