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Preparing for your coming first-born? A lot of new parents have done the mistake of over-preparing for their upcoming first-born that they have done a number of decisions that they have later regretted. This is important particularly for those who are in a tight budget.

So what are the kinds of things that new parents should know when preparing for their first born child?

Skipping the Baby Room

It is a huge part in Western culture that children sleep in different rooms from their parents. From the time that their first baby was brought back from the hospital, to the time that parents will let go of their children to build their own families, parents and their children sleep in different rooms. This culture, however, is very different to Filipino culture and according to many parenting Philippines experts.

According to many sociologists, Filipinos would usually allow their children to sleep with them up until a certain age (13-15yrs of age). However, as western culture became popular in the Philippines, many Filipino parents, particularly for those who are about to have their first-borns, have followed this practice, only to end up regretting that decision.

The reason why is because of Filipino culture, in which parents would usually prefer to sleep along with their children. Many of those who prepared their first-born's baby room ended up sleeping with their children, while the baby room remains unoccupied. And the cost to building this room may have been useful for other more important purposes.

Stocking on Baby Clothes

According to many Philippines Lifestyle experts, another mistake that many new parents make with their over-excitement is stocking on their first-born's first clothes. Although these clothes might be useful for a few weeks, eventually, their baby would have outgrown them in a month or two.

The best way to save more on baby clothes is to ask for hand-me-downs from close relatives. With this, parents can prepare on clothes which their children will wear for a long time.

Buying a Crib

Cribs are also important. However, this may only be as useful for a few months, similar to baby clothes. Eventually, their baby would be very uncomfortable staying on their cribs. By this time, their baby's crib will then be useless until they have another baby coming.

One way for parents to save on buying a crib is also to borrow a crib from a close relative or friend who won't be using it for months to come. For more information visit to our site at

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