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There is no one in this entire world who loves you more than your own mother. Therefore, there are countless reasons why we love our mother. Hence, here I would mention 20 reasons why we love our mothers. These are common reasons for the love of mother in our daily life. So, let's start with our 20 reasons.


  • You love your mother just because of the reason that she used to read book for us before we could read on our own.
  • She always keeps you happy about the fact that your father is about to arrive whenever he is late.
  • She has always advised us to be religious, and in my particular case, she has made it my routine.
  • She always provided us lunch when we were leaving for school even when she was not feeling well.
  • She always helped us with our homework.
  • She always develops our interest in studies whenever we are not serious in studies.
  • She is always supportive for every act which she thinks is feasible.
  • She encourages participating in all the activities which were conducted in the school days.
  • She took care of health when we were not feeling well.
  • We love our mothers for fulfilling all of our desires in our younger days and making us happy.
  • She gave us enough pocket money to have fun in school and college days.
  • She developed the discipline when we were supposed to be a younger kid.
  • She always listens what we try to explain to her.
  • For making me to learn music, especially the piano lessons.
  • For always welcoming me since I returned from school, college and now from my work.
  • For guiding to make the difference between bad and good or you can say to identify the difference between good and bad.
  • For washing clothes.
  • For giving us enough cash when we are supposed to be travelling.
  • For reading an interesting book at the bed time and let us sleep peacefully
  • For all the support over all the years despite being wrong till now.
  • Mother is a very special and truly a loving person. She can love her child more than any other person in this entire world. If I was asked to write 20 reasons why I love my mother, I will definitely write a 1000 page book for her to mention what I have in my mind and heart about my mother. She can sacrifice anything for her child. Therefore, the above mentioned 20 reasons why you love your mother are not enough to define the love of a child for her mother. There are countless reasons to love mother. Hence, in this particular post, I have only covered 20 reasons why a child loves her mother. But in to be realistic, love for our mother is beyond explanation. It has no reason. It is just there always. I'll be quite happy to know the reasons why you love your mother.

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