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Many mothers have the question that their kids are likely to buy toys with flash light function. However, such toys are so dazzling that fatigue on eyes would be resulted if playing with them for a long time. They want to know that is it beneficial for kids to play such toys?

At first, the bright standpoint is that it is not beneficial for kids to play such toys, detailed reasons are showed in the follow article.

According to one pediatric doctor, it is common to find children's eye traumas among all the children eyes diseases. Generally speaking, children have too much strong curiosity on the new thing emerged around them and, what's worse, they have no enough knowledge on how to protect themselves. As parents, do you know which toys have serious influence on children's eyes?

In the toys store near school, you would often find all kinds of toys guns. Among them, one toy gun can send out strong light with a variety of sirens when you press the press-button slightly. According to the toys retail store boss, such toy guns are so popular. I noticed that when playing with such toys, many kids shoot the strong light at other children's eyes, which is so dangerous on eyesight.

The ophthalmology doctor says the red and strong light sent out by such toys guns is dazzling and what's worse it would make eyes become obscure for a short moment. For kids who are during the development phases, it is harmful to their eyesight development and its harmfulness can be estimated. When looking at the flickering strong light, retina should be accelerated to adjust so as to accommodate the quick change between brightness and dark. Under such circumstance, it is more likely to result in eye fatigue. For a long time, it would lead to decreased on eyesight and the sensitiveness on color vision. What's worse, if eyes are often exposed to strong light or stimulated constantly by adverse light, damage and even pathological changes on retina and macular area would be generated. When choosing toys for kids, parents should consider toys safety playing factor and the children's age. By the way, sunglasses toys which are used by children in summer to resist the strong sun light are more likely to lead to amblyopia because these toys sunglasses sold in the toys market are not normal sunglasses and its manufacture process is always too much rough.

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