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Falls are becoming an increasing cause of hospital treated injury in all age groups, especially children. Right from the time your baby starts to roll, crawl and climb, there's the ever present risk of falls. While minor slips and falls may be a normal part of growing up, preventing major ones is highly vital. Study shows that at least 42% of hospital treated falls that happen to children aged 0 to 14 happen in the home each year and 20% occurs at educational settings. Babies and your children have large heads when compared to their bodies and during a fall, balance gets impacted and the head will hit the ground first and makes the injury serious. A recent study revealed that nearly 103 children die from falls each year and 2.2 million children are treated in emergency rooms for injuries resulting from falls. While it's highly impossible to keep watch of your kid 24/7 and try and save him from every stumble, taking appropriate safety measures can drastically cut down on the frequency of falls and prevent serious injuries. One wise safety solution will be to choose stair gates from Safetots. Safetots are leading manufacturers of all child safety products. They source their products from leading manufacturers like BabyDan, Bettacare, Lindam, etc. All their products are made from superior quality and comply with EN 1930:2000 standard. Gates are constructed using industry standard materials and hence are robust, functional and made to last long. Stair gates from Safetots come with special features like automatic lock systems, double locking mechanism, etc., that offer high level of safety.

Their gates are available in two types namely pressure fitted and screw fitted and several styles such as extra tall gate, unique space gates, hands free gate and travel safety gate. You can choose the pressure fitted gates to guard off space downstairs. Since they are just held by pressure, they don't make best options when it comes to using them upstairs. Screw fitted gates are an excellent choice to use upstairs and offer more protection than pressure fitted gates. You can choose stair gates like the extra tall gate, if your toddler is an active climber. To guard off irregular spaces in your home, pick the unique space gate. Their hands free gate helps you operate the gate without using your hands by just stepping on a foot pedal. Child safety products such as travel safety gates can be used while out and about offering you great peace of mind while on the go.

If you've understood the importance of preventing falls in your kids, then head on to Safetots and purchase stair gates. To know more about their child safety products contact them at Safetots experts.

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