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Has your child ever come home bruised and with damaged or missing clothing? Has your child complained of frequent headache, stomachache, has trouble in sleeping and having bad dreams? If the answer is 'Yes', then you are up against the problem of bullying. Well, many children in the United States are becoming and have become the victims of bullying. Lots of children have ended their life because of the trauma suffered due to bullying. It has become a major concern for the parents and school authority. So what is bullying?

Bullying is when a person is picked on over and over again by an individual or group who have more power in terms of physical strength or social standing. A person can be picked on by shoving, physically assaulting, and even verbal abuse like calling names and passing unwanted gossips and comments. A person may get bullied because of his looks, social status, etc. Bullies usually target such people because they are shy and vulnerable. They don't react or fight back and bear the physical and mental torture silently.

What are the effects of bullying on young kids? To be precise, kids who get bullied have a higher risk of depression and anxiety. Their sleeping and eating patterns change and have increased thoughts of suicide. Their academic achievements may go down and some of them may miss, skip and drop out of school.

What are the effects of bullying on bullies? Bullies have the higher risk of using alcohol and other drugs. Their anger shoots up and they start to get pleasure in physically assaulting other people. As they grow up they become sexual predators and may vandalize properties. Many of these bullies will come to your house to rob. They won't care if your house is protected by advanced security systems like ADT Home Security Systems and will enjoy the satisfaction of physically assaulting you. A Large number of criminal conviction cases will be booked under them. Their abusive behavior will also be exhibited on their girlfriends, wife and kids.

What makes a bully indulge in this kind of act? Well, bullies are people who have a particular mental attitude. They like to dominate other people and have poor social skills and judgment. Most of them have no feeling of empathy and caring for other people. Some of the bullies think that they are the hot property and famous while others feel that they are insecure. To overcome this insecurity, they put other people down and make themselves feel more interesting and powerful. It has also been found out that most of the bullies have been hurt by bullies in their childhood either by an adult in the family or parent. They could have been a bullying figure in the form of an abusive father or mother.

What are the ways to cope up with bullying? One of the best ways to cope up with bullying is to ignore the bully. Basically bullies like to gain attention and thrive on the reaction they get. You may think that avoiding a bully is an act of cowardliness. Actually it is not. It is better than losing your temper and reacting. Sometimes you have to control your anger. You may not want to react by fighting as you could get hurt if your bully is strong. If you need to react just walk away with poise and use humor. This may throw the bully off guard. In case you feel angry, control it by doing some breathing exercise or writing down on a paper. Make sure to tear up the paper after writing.

Lastly one of the important ways to cope up with bullying is to inform your parents, teacher, or any other responsible adult. Make sure to tell them how you are feeling and why the bully is hurting you. Never try to keep your fear of being bullied from your parents and school authorities. The US Department of Education and Federal government have started taking the issue of bullying seriously. Most of the school shootings have been linked to bullying where the shooter had a previous experience of being bullied. Parents at any cost should not take bullying as a small issue.

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