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Baby strollers get dirty. Any parent will tell you that they get dirty. At some time, the stroller will require to be cleaned and there are some things you should know. None of us want to damage our treasured strollers by doing something we should not hold done.

Firstly, read the instruction manual that came with your stroller. Generally there is a section describing the upkeep of the stroller. Try to find information online if you do not possess an owners manual.

Whenever possible, try to use a damp cloth for cleaning light dirt or stains. Use a soft cloth. I find that microfiber cloths are perfect for this task. When using chemicals, perform on a trial region surface 1st before using it on the rest of the stroller. Make sure that you only test a tiny area at the outset and then rinse off. Wait for the tested section to dry completely and then look for any discoloration or staining. If everything looks regular then you can keep cleaning. If any discoloration or staining occurs, then do not keep using that particular detergent.

If the fabric of the stroller can be removed, again, use the manufacturers instructions to wash it. In the absence of manufacturers instructions, use a cold wash with just a little measure of detergent. These fabrics are usually made up of synthetic materials and hot washes will be extremely destructive to this kind of material. However some models such as the Uppababy Vista stroller and the Bugaboo Cameleon stroller will have instructions for washing the fabric.

Most wheels are smoothly removed and some merely pull off and push on again. Try drenching the wheels in luke warm water for a while before washing them. Older toothbrushes are impressively useful for reaching difficult areas. It is a wonderful idea to add a little grease or oil to the wheel bearings when finished.

Minimal cleaning and upkeep will extend the life-time of your bugaboo cameleon stroller and keep it looking wonderful. It is not complicated to do and it makes such a transformation to the look of the stroller whilst at the same time, keeping your baby clean.

Further information may be found at Uppababy Vista Stroller or Bugaboo Cameleon Reviews.

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