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People in Dubai can consider themselves very luck when it comes in choosing a Nanny for their home, because you have a lot of options at your end. But what about the nannies themselves? Are they lucky enough to work here? It depends on the nanny itself. If you are thinking to become a nanny in Dubai or are already one then here are some tips for nannies in Dubai to carry out their job flawlessly and ensure that you stay in business.

1. Stories are only for bedtime

All the Nannies in Dubai and elsewhere too, whatever you do, just don't fib. Hearing lies and stories of you getting late and unable to come is the last thing your employer would want to hear. Even if you want a day off, or need to leave early plan it out before and inform timely. The household routine depends on you and nobody likes sudden changes now and then.

2. Communicate

You are running the household now, so if you need anything then it's your responsibility that you communicate to your employers beforehand. If the diapers are short, or the last bottle of juice is hitting low then let your owner know and remind them if you need to because if something goes tipsy turvy you will be the one to blame.

3. Know your limits

This is the most important tips for nannies in Dubai. We understand that you work in a private environment, get paid nicely and may have an employer who is no trouble for you, but don't forget to remind yourself now and then that you are NOT the member of the family. You give your duties and get paid for them. Your stories of family need to stay at your home and don't interfere in the personal matters of your employer unless asked.

4. Be +

As a nanny you are going to spend a good amount of time in the home of your employer. And they would love to have someone around with positive vibes. All jobs have challenges, and to live with a family can be more challenging, we accept that, but if you had the courage to take this job in the first place then live it up with a positive demeanor and prove yourself.

5. It's all about the attitude

Nannies in Dubai, no matter how much qualified you are to be the perfect nanny, if your attitude is not right everything else goes down the drain. Be flexible and patient, respect your employer and give your best and see how you are appreciated.

Working as a nanny is not such an easy task as compared to other jobs. It's like living with another family according to their rules. But with the right personality this job can be very rewarding both emotionally and monetarily. So brush up your people's skill and start searching for the nanny job. The busy life of Dubai provides enough opportunities to nannies.

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