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In the old days, parents had to rely on their doctors to let them know if their baby is growing as well as he/she should be. One had to visit the doctor every time to find out if the baby's height or weight were normal, lower than normal, or higher than average. Fortunately, things are markedly different nowadays. There are quite a number of tools that allow parents easily find out how well their baby is growing. One of these tools is the growth chart widget. It not only enables you to get the answers you need, it also gives you a chance to help others who need the same answers.

The growth chart widget is a tool that allows you to embed certain baby growth charts in your site, enabling your readers to get easy access to the same information that you find yourself needing. With a growth chart like the baby weight percentile, you are able to easily keep track of your baby's weight as he grows and even compare it to the standards set by the WHO. And with that type of calculator on your site, you can help family members and friends easily find out what they need to know without going to the pediatrician.


The growth chart widget itself is pretty easy to use and customizable to your preferences. You can choose to have the baby weight percentile chart, the baby height percentile chart, or both. You can also opt between two measuring systems – the US and the metric system. The size of the calculator as well as the language it will use are also customizable. Once you get to choose the features of your widget, you can simply update the code and get a preview of what the calculator will look like before you place it in your site.

As for the calculators themselves, they're pretty easy to use. Each growth chart will ask for your baby's height or weight, birthday, and gender. After clicking on the calculate button, the growth chart results will pop up showing you in what percentile your baby is currently at according to WHO standards. In addition to viewing the results, you and your readers will also have the option of downloading the image or printing it. This way, anyone who uses it will be able to store the information and compare it to future results whenever he or she wants to. With a growth chart widget on your site, you get easy access to information and ease some of your worries with just a click or two. The best part is you also get to help out others who may be feeling the same doubts as you. After all, we parents all have to stick together, don't we?

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