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Family bonding is an important part in a growing family, and what better way to bond with family than to spend it through an activity such as flying a kite. Recently, an event was held at the Greenfield City Sports Field in Sta. Rosa, Laguna that featured some of the most artistic, colorful, and majestic kites by different participants. This is the Bear Brand Kite Fest held every year to celebrate the popular milk brand's anniversary.

Although most of those that participated on the event were kite enthusiasts, according to latest parenting Philippines news, many Filipino families had also joined in on the fun which not only gave them the chance to show their skills in flying a kite, but also gave them the best family bonding time. One of those was the Bocomo Family.

Family Kite Flying
Despite the fact that a lot of today's kids would prefer to stay indoors and play with their gadgets, quite a number showed up and frolicked in the sun.

One of them is seven-year-old Hannah Denise Bacomo, who was with her mom Maria Toni. Maria said kite-flying is a weekend family sport for them and that they do it as often as possible. “One great thing about kite-flying is that it's a relaxing activity. You don't need to buy expensive gadgets just to enjoy this sport.”

Kite Association of the Philippines (KAP) officer James Kekenusa said that with many kids nowadays too gadget-oriented, they need to be encouraged to go out and play more. “Why don't they go out in the sun and fly kites with their parents? For sure their parents flew kites in their days,” he said.

A Popular Family Tradition
As officer in charge for the international affairs of KAP, Kekenusa flies to various countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas, where he has noticed “governments conduct kite festivals because they see that it boosts tourism.”

“It's a wholesome family activity, and as Asians, it is part of our culture and tradition,” he said.

Meanwhile, showing Pinoy pride with their “Centennial” kite, which combines all Philippine flag designs, is the uncle-nephew team of Edgar Camo and John Carlo Santos of Pampanga. Santos said he finds joy in flying and making kites over playing with the latest gadgets because “it's more challenging, and unleashes the artistry and creativity in me.”

With almost a hundred kite-flyers, according to latest Philippines Lifestyle news, KAP president Orlando Ongkingko said “we are happy to tell everyone that kite-flying is very active, and we are here to revive the Filipino kite tradition.” The second leg of Bear Brand Kite Fest will be on May 8 at Subic, Olongapo. For more information visit to our site at inquirer.net/

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