Positive Parenting

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Years ago, on the city of Rome, the two children was playing happily in the early morning sunlight, their mother Connie LI Ya went over and said to them: “Dear children, today, a wealthy friend to come to our house guest, she will also show us her jewels.”

In the afternoon, the wealthy friends came. Gold circle on her arm flashing a bright light, and the ring on finger shining, neck wore gold necklace, and the pearl jewelry on the hair gave out soft light. The younger brother said to her old brother: “She looks so noble. I have never seen such a beautiful person.” The old brother said: “Yes, I think so.”

They looked with envy at the guests, and then looked at his mother. Mother wearing only a plain coat and she did not have any valuable jewelry. Her golden brown hair was weaved into a long braid, and was coiled like a crown on her head. But her kindly smile lit up her face, which was far better than any gem of light. “Do you want to see my other jewelry?” The richest woman asked. Her servant came up with a box on the table. The lady opened the box, inside there were piles of red ruby like blood, and the blue sapphire like sky, as well as the emerald as green as the sea, and the dazzling diamonds as the sun.

Brothers stared at these jewels: “If our mothers have these things, it is so nice!” After the guests showed off the jewelry, with the complacent and mercy, said: “Tell me, Connie LI Ya, do you really so poor? What jewelry do you not have?” Connie LI Ya frankly laughed: “No, of course I have jewelry, and my jewelry is more valuable than yours.” Guests opened their eyes and asked surprisingly: “Is it? Quiet to let me see it!”

The mother pulled the two boys to her side, she smiled and said: “They're my jewelry. Are they better than your jewelry and is more valuable?” The two boys, Thebe Reese and Kars will never forget the expression of the face with pride and deep love of their mother that time. A few years later, they became a great statesman of Rome, but they still often recalled this scene of the year.

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