Preschool Parenting Tips

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When you are teaching one person, training twenty people or leading a hundred, the key is to assist your audience in understanding two key things:


  • The first is to gain the confidence to do what they want to do
  • The second is to rise above any mental or self-imposed barriers
  • When you are rearing your children, you more or less have the same responsibility. Except that the responsibility is much greater than the situations discussed above.

    We all know people who are confident and secure minded; they build healthy relationships and somehow always know what to do with life and how to achieve what they want. These people have comparatively better lives with greater chances of self-actualization. If you raise your children properly, they will grow up to become one of them. To have confidence, your children must have safety and security. One way to ensure that is through the culture of our homes. As leaders of the family, the parents have the control of the culture. Following are three things to mend the culture of your house accordingly:

    1. Clear rules

    Set clear rules in your house to define what is right and what is wrong. You should set clear and consistent punishments for bad behavior and rewards for good behavior. This will also show the children that you run the show in this relationship and they do need to follow what is being said. You need to set proper boundaries for their actions. However, within all this, love has to be the foundation and baseline factor. You need to love them before you discipline them. If you rule over your children with a whip in hand, they will listen to you but they will never trust you. However, if love is the foundation, they will respect and trust you.

    2. Clear Goals

    The best way to guide and motivate your children is to discuss goals with them. Let them know the desired destination and outcome every time you are out on an errand. Connect them to the result emotionally and mentally. Do also give them ample time to figure out a way to get to the result. They are definitely going to make mistakes and fall a couple times, but that is where you come in and become the parent and get them back on track.

    3. Clear Expectations

    Teach them about standards and values too. If they want to have fun, they need to fulfill some of your expectations. Give them the following to-do-list:

    • Respect yourself
    • Respect your parents and others
    • Family comes first
    • Have fun now

    Remember, the end result will make your children confident and righteous people. They will start to see things more productively and will handle daily life better than they would have otherwise. By establishing the above, you will create a culture of love and stability in your house.

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