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Surrogacy offers one of the biggest and everlasting pleasant steps in the journey of your life time. Now, it hardly matters if you cannot become parents, still you have the right to attain parenthood and hence realize your coveted dream in an affordable and easy way. Hence, as you take the assistance of an agency, you actually assist yourself towards providing guidance, support and comfort which you dearly needed at the time when you are going to witness the biggest happiness in the world. Thereby, no one can stop you towards creating families and thus making your dream true like never before. Medical tourism also promotes gay as well as straight couples to visit India & fulfill their dreams. Kids are God gift, each & every house requires them to complete the family & have joys of parenting.

Surrogacy in India


Before travelling to India for undergoing Surrogacy procedure, you need to be mentally prepared and organized. Else, it will invite various unnecessary hassles which you did not even believe at all. You need to know the ways which will help you towards determining your parentage with the child. Some times, the proof of DNA is enough while other times you need to issue a passport for the child in order to authenticate about the same. You have to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the detailed things which are required so that as you return from India, you do not surround yourself from endless and everlasting problems and worries. Or else your happiness will just be short lived if you are shrouded with other problems..

It is highly important for you to work with an experienced and dedicated agency which ensures that every possible legal step is undertaken to give you complete satisfaction. As you are associated with an esteemed agency, you can even have the luxury to return home for a while. It will also help you remain in the pink of health by getting to know that both the baby and the surrogate are perfectly fine as well. It is also necessary for you to have psychological counseling. The necessity for counseling becomes even more if your surrogate is in another part of the world. Hence, there is no control of pregnancy. Hence, a psychologist can assist you toward deriving ways to cope up with the burgeoning emotions.Therefore, your journey from being women to motherhood will surely be easy and memorable thanks to Surrogacy in India.

India Surrogacy Program

India Surrogacy Program is a boon for the people who are unable to conceive. The recipient mother provides eggs which in turn are fertilized by the sperms of the recipient father or even an egg donor. Hence, along with that, the resulting embryo gets transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. There have been various cases in the past where surrogacy has been misused. Hence, in order to save intended parents from any sort of problems, legal procedure is undertaken. The contract clearly authenticates the fact that the baby is the legitimate adopted child of the couple. The surrogate mother along with genetic parents and her spouse will sign the documents as a proof of their consent.

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