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Parenting is a back-breaking job. It is a long-term investment. Initially, parents need to give more to it than they will get out of it. Due to easy access to gadgets and the internet the job has become more demanding. Neither parents can leave their children to become a slouch nor should they control them too much. It is so because the use of smartphones, gadgets especially the internet has become part and parcel of life and are certainly necessary. However, the aim is to make them computer savvy and not computer addict. Therefore, keeping an eye on them is the most acceptable option and parents can easily do that with the help of child monitoring app.

Instead of tellingkids that they are being checked upon, parents should start on a positive note. This way kids will try to understand you, instead of locking you out of their computer. The key is, to be honest with them.

Excess of everything is bad and similarly too much of ingression to technology and latest application is harmful. Children are glued to the screen and it is doing no good to them. With the help of the monitoring app, parents will not only be able to see how much time they are giving to the smartphone but also what is keeping them busy. After all, no parents want their kids to watch porn, play games online instead of physical play or hook up with predators. Moreover, the Internet is not only harming them health wise but also to their further life as online threats are increasing at an alarming rate.

Kudos to all social networking sites and apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter, etc, instead of spending time with their family and friends face to face and socializing with people in an old fashion way, children are busy tapping fingers on their palmtops and smartphones.

Parents cannot stop their child from using tech gadgets (neither they should), but they can certainly be watchdogs. Child tracking tools and apps are at their aid because it helps parents to monitor and control web browsing, internet exploring, social networks.

In the case of PC, Norton Family is the parental control software that comes in handy. However in the case of smartphones, tools vary depending on the software for example for iOS kids place, abeona, parental control board are few of the kid-safe monitoring apps whereas net nanny, runner up makes android devices more child-friendly.

These apps will help parents in what's app tracking, Facebook tracking. They will be able to schedule times when kids can use the gadgets. These tools allow parents to select websites that they want to be off limits. Also, parents can block website(s) and yet a child tries to visit the same, app will notify parents via e-mail. Parents can activate warning option as well, that way children would know what is inappropriate for them. Controlling tools permit parents to block incoming calls, view call logs. Basically, these apps not only allow parents to see what their children are exposed to online but offline as well. Moreover, there are apps which allow parents to tailor the device. What else can a parent ask for?

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