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Recurring and restraining behavior, impaired abilities for communication and social interaction are some of the visible indications of autism. Among the three Autism Spectrum Disorders or ASDs autism is the most common ailment. Also over the last few years there has been an increasing pervasiveness of autism that has led to further research all around the world for its cure. A disorder in a child's neural development is a major reason behind autism. If a child is diagnosed with any one of the Autism Spectrum Disorders, without any further delay he should be enrolled in any early autism intervention programs.

If you stay in or near Newport Beach, California and your child has been diagnosed with autistic difficulties, waste no time to take him to the Newport Beach autism center of renowned organization LeafWing Center. Previously known as California Institute of Behavior Analysis Inc, LeafWing Center offers autistic children the opportunity to come back to the main flow of life by teaching different skills and above all encouraging and training them to become more self-sufficient and independent. Our organization, the Newport Beach autism center is renowned for and dedicated towards aiding autistic children and their families by employing researches based on the psycho-educational procedure of Applied Behavior Analysis. We have decided to play a crucial role by assisting these families to cope with this problem of autism through the intensive and comprehensive intervention programs for every child with autism.


Our programs are based on the latest, highly empirically supported Applied Behavior Analysis where we address each problem area of the children where they have been experiencing difficulties, ranging from school to home. The Newport Beach autism center has a series of experts in the area of Applied Behavior Analysis as they provide concentrated efforts and interventions for children affected by any of the Autism Spectrum Disorders. Nearly all of the mentors and professionals at our center are Board Certified Therapists and Behavior Analysts. And we are committed and united towards helping the affected and children and their families. We are also currently the California Department of Education Nonpublic Agency and in the process we are allowed to provide individualized services for these autism affected children in an encouraging public school environment.

We have also tied-up with numerous regional centers all around California so that we may offer community and home based services for autism spectrum affected individuals. We are also the TriCare contributor for the military families who have children with the autism spectrum disorders. Though like Newport Beach autism center most of our major offices are situated in the Southern California, we also offer services for the children and the families all over the world. When you are enrolling your child to our comprehensive program, you must know some of the features of our program on Applied Behavior Analysis:

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