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Working as a nanny is a rewarding career. It's exciting to invest in the life of a child, and it's rewarding to know that you are providing a parent with peace of mind. You have the opportunity to develop a special relationship with a family, and you have a huge responsibility in providing quality care. It's helpful to learn about how important your interaction with the youngsters in a household can be. Nannies in Los Angeles have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in their care.

Many children are sent to childcare facilities where one on one attention is limited. Nannies in Los Angeles provide an alternative, with one on one care. Your service as a nanny provides what is lacking in these mass care settings. Making the most of your one on one time will enhance the experience for the youngsters and for you.

Children learn through experience. When you work with babies, you notice their tendency to put objects in their mouths. This is just one of the ways they explore new things. Vigilance is important because of the potential for dangerous objects to be consumed. Still, you will see this at work, and can appreciate the fact that this is a method of learning. In fact, children use each of their senses to learn about the world around them. Nannies in Los Angeles should keep sensory input in mind when dealing with their clients.


As children grow older, their assimilation of information will continue to come from all senses, but certain types of input will be more meaningful than others. A tactile child learns best through hands on activity. In the earliest years, this is the main way children explore objects. Feel is important. Older children who are tactile learners will continue to learn best by hands on exploration. As you work with a toddler, it's wonderful to provide lots of interesting textures in toys and craft materials. Puzzles are outstanding learning tools that provide hands on action. Nannies in Los Angeles should have a great set of acitivity ideas that incorporate tactile experience.

Auditory learners process audio input most effectively. Incorporating music into your activity time with your young charges will provide rich exposure. You may not recognize a child's preference for auditory input in the early years, but exposing children to different rhythms and beats allow for this interest to develop. The older child who is an auditory learner may especially thrive when music plays in the background. Nannies in Los Angeles have lots of opportunities to find music programming on radio and television to enhance the environment for those in their care.

A visual learner most effectively processes information that is seen. Puzzles and images are great for this child's development. As with other modalities, it may not be evident with a very young learner that there is a preference for visual input. However, recognizing the variety of possibilities is important because nannies in Los Angeles will be able to provide varied activities that allow for learning and development.

As a nanny, you don't need to be an expert in learning styles. A simple awareness of these styles, though, can help you in remembering to provide varied experiences for the children in your care. Quality care provided by nannies in Los Angeles will be important in providing developmental activities and experiences.

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