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Safety of family members is very important for making your home a sweet home. In today's generation, home alone is not a new concept. The working parents have no option but to leave their children alone at home after their school. Most experts recommend not doing it before your child is 12, not doing so at night and not leaving a child under 16 in charge of younger siblings. So how can you work out whether your child is ready for home alone and ensure his/her safety. Today it is common that parents are busy with their work and children had to stay alone after their school. So a new generation of kids is spending some time alone after school. You need to ensure that your child has matured to stay alone and will be safe in absence of adult supervision. Here are some tips for safety of your kids.

Call parents: once back from school, call mom or dad and let them know you have arrived safely
Ensure a common and safe route: have a set common route coming home from school and don't encourage taking short cuts.

Avoid strangers: when receiving calls, kids should not let strangers know that they are alone at home. If someone does come to the door encourage to use the peephole or look through a window to see who it is.

Keep useful information handy: post a list of emergency numbers including family members, trusted friends and neighbors and emergency personnel. Give your youngster a lots of encouragement, support and reinforcement and treat their mistakes as learning experiences instead of failures. Try to avoid placing too much responsibility on a young child.

Residents of apartment complexes which do not have a play area are particularly worried about children sneaking to the terrace to play. Today majority of the apartment complexes in the city do not have play areas and the apartments increasingly have rooftop recreation facilities. There is no rule barring such facilities. The absence of playgrounds in many residential areas makes the terrace or balcony of apartment a tempting option for the children. Following preventative measures helps to ensure that such accidents were not repeated.

Young children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
There should be a 1.5 meter high parapet wall topped with iron bar railings and safety nets for the balcony or terrace.

Ensure there is no violation of fire safety measures, building bye-law, changes in original plan, illegal or extra construction.

Ensure that the access door is securely locked at all times and put the key where your child cannot possibility reach it.

Use window guards and stops on windows above the first floor. Window guards are a barrier in front of the window. They are available at local hardware, home renovation or home safety stores.
The apartment associations or property managers are responsible for ensuring safety measures like fire drills, leakages and cleanliness of the surroundings.
children should not play in or on autos, roadways, Balcony or terrace, parking lots etc.

Make sure that none of your family, friends or guests is allowed to sit on the wall under any circumstances.

Always place cribs, beds and other furniture away from windows.
Make sure that there is nothing available to enable any child to climb up and hang over the wall or railings.

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