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The arrival of every child is the most beautiful gift that God gives human; every pair of parents regard their children as favorite angels, and give them the best in the world.

However, in a famous boarding primary school, there is a lovely and sensible little girl named Sophie. Her learning grade is always the best in school, and her performance is also great, all the teachers like her. But one night, Sophie was committed suicide in the school. Why she suicide? The written suicide note was put on her desk, the content was as follows: since you have chosen her instead of me, I only choose the death. I will make you regret it for life, and you can never be together!

What a sad word! It should come from a child in primary school. Who should bear the responsibility? School, that child made mistakes, family or the society? We have to ponder. A sixth-grade child, at most is only eleven, how can she know love? It is also because she does not understand love; she embarked on this road of no return.

Such a child, should we say she is precocious or too sensible? Or she lacked love herself? I think this problem must be started with the family. Indeed, in boarding schools, the students usually go home every one week; but also there are some students going home every month; even go home once every semester. Of course, every family situation is different; some parents are busy working, rushing to make a living. So they have to choose in such a way. But who can consider for their children? Which child would rather leave their parents? Just because various reasons of our parents, the children have to learn to be independent and they had to face alone. But when they have any problems, but no one care, then the children cannot untie the knot by themselves, the only way is: to use their only known knowledge, or from the book, or from the television and learn to imitate.

Of course, this school should take a dual responsibility: teachers and parents. If the teachers can do their utmost to care for each child, when they have knot in the heart, the teachers would discover. Teenage children cannot understand life, her emotions are written on the face, just need someone to care.

Please return children an innocent childhood! Do not let angel broken wings in the mundane! Give them a love, a hug or a kiss, and use love to warm the hearts of every child!

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