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Have you ever thought of making an everlasting difference in the life of a child who is in need? Becoming a foster carer is one way to accomplish exactly that. It goes without saying that the job of a foster carer is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. I mean where else you can get the satisfaction that becoming a foster carer gives you? The first and foremost step that you need to take towards starting this dream job is proper training. Training for foster carers is not difficult to find, but you should select the one where you can get the complete freedom to contribute towards the child's future. Let's have a look at the whole process that you have to complete.

The first step to becoming a foster carer is being aware of the care agencies that are active in your area. Choose the most reputed one among those agencies. Furthermore, ask them about all the formalities that are required. Normally in most of the agencies, the officials provide full support to the prospective foster carers. They will answer all your queries and provide you all the information you need. This is the time, when you can get any clarifications about all the processes and procedures, in order to avoid any complications later on. You can also ask them to provide a formal training for foster carers before starting the real process.

Another important phase of the whole procedure is the application phase. This is not only the most important phase that you have to manage, but it is also the longest one. Once you submit an application for becoming a foster carer, it normally takes around 5 to 8 months to get the clearance. You can utilize this time in getting proper training for foster carers. The reason why application phase takes such a long time is because during this time the foster carer agencies perform certain checks to ascertain your identity, your family, and your financial conditions, among others. They will also require a proper medical fitness certificate from your general physician.

After making all these checks, your training begins – this is also the time when your performance is accessed. After completing the training your assessment will be forwarded to the foster management for approval. Once approved, you are ready to work with the other social workers; however, you will be strictly supervised for the first whole year, in order to review your performance.

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