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Finding a good nanny can be a daunting task for the parents who want to appoint a reliable nanny to take care of their child excellently. It is recommended to prescreen the applicants before appointing them to take care of your child. Prescreening ensures that the applicant is reliable and can perform the duties responsibly. For this reason, parents feel secure after leaving their kid to the caretaker. However, if you are going to avail the service for the first time, you must know some tips to prescreen the candidate. Here are some of the most successful and reliable tips to recruit the perfect candidate.

Require a Job Application

Job application can be very much helpful in appointing the reliable caretaker. It will help parents to ask about the applicant's experience with children and ask how they manage them to keep them happy and secure.

If nanny wants to drive, ask for the driver's license and check the ratings. Ask the applicant to tell about different types of problems that she usually faces during the childcare. This will help you to know where the problem is and whether the problem is minor or major.

After you have created a job application, send them to different emails of service providers and give them the deadline. After the deadline is over, now it is time for you to compare different applications and pick out the best one. After you have picked out the best ones, it is time for you to conduct telephonic interview.

Conduct an Initial Phone Interview

Once you have separated the best applicants, go for an initial interview on the telephone and check out whether the applicant has provided the true information or not. You should also be very much clear in explaining the duties and asking them whether they can comply with it or not. Ask the interviewee to raise questions if they have any ambiguity in mind. Clear them as much as possible. By talking with potential candidates, you can learn who should be brought in for an interview.

Call Nanny's References

It is necessary to cross check the candidate by calling the references provided and ask them all about the nanny. It will help you in making sure that the person is reliable and have provided correct information on the job application. After calling the references, you can pick out the best one after conducting face-to-face interview.

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