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A year after I goIt was very easy for me to get pregnant with our first baby. After a month of trying I found out that I was pregnant. We couldn't believe that it was so easy. About nine months later our son was born. It was very exciting time for both of us.t married things were going great and life seemed perfect. The next natural step seemed to have a baby. I wanted the whole picture, the husband and two children.

Two years after our son was born we decided to have our other child. Of course, because we already had a son, we wanted to have a daughter, even though people usually say that it doesn't matter whether it is a boy or girl, as long as the baby is healthy. However, we really wanted to have a daughter.

This time it wasn't that easy. In fact, it was really hard. Months went by, and month after month my pregnancy test showed negative. After a year of trying I was really frustrated. Why I am not getting pregnant!

Luckily, I had friends in the same situation. We could talk about our worries to each other. One other thing that was in common with me and my friend was our age. We were both about forty years old, and high age affects fertility.


Me and my husband took the route of relaxing and continue attempting to get pregnant. My friends went the medical route. Which is fine. Any port in a storm. She took fertility drugs. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to work. Another year went by.

To our wonder and surprise I turned up pregnant. The funny thing is it was a month that I wasn't even trying. We had stopped trying. I have always heard that when you don't try this is when it happens. Well that must be true. We had given up and at that point we got a surprise. I was pregnant.

What was even more amazing was that my friend got also pregnant, almost at the same time. After you have tried to get pregnant so long time, you will appreciate the miracle of life much more. Because my first pregnancy came so easy, I thought the second one would come just as effortless.

You never know. This is not only true when trying to get pregnant but continues to be true through parenting my children. Just when you think you have life figured out, life throws you a curve ball. Today, I am very lucky and have my little girl. She is asleep in the crib next to me as I type this.

To all those couples who are trying to get pregnant, my word of advice is to relax. This is the best natural home remedy for infertility. Miracles happen every day. Yes, becoming pregnant, whether easy or not, is always a miracle.

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