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There can be found myriad of happy and satisfied couples across the world, but it's not necessary that all of them are blessed with a child to complete their family. Well, nobody can help it as it's all which is handled by the supreme power. In this article, we will talk about Foreign Adoption that will be a great source for the couples who are looking for adopting an international child.

Large number of orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children can be seen across the world. These also need love, care, belonging, loving family and security, such as other children. Nowadays several agencies are leading in international adoption and child welfare programs to enable orphaned, or abandoned children to have permanent families of their own to love them, care them and provide each and everything what every child deserves.

Let's now come to the point, International Adoption is a type of adoption in which a couple gets authority to be the legal parents of the child who is a national of any different country. For instance, prospective adoptive parents belong to India and the child is from Canada or any other country. Due to the constant efforts of adoption agencies, countless children are being blessed with adoptive parents all over the world. These agencies are playing an appreciable role of noble savior to give new life to large number of fondling children who are naive about the actual meaning of parents and family.

Several countries have set up distinctive rules for the procedure of foreign adoption and some people may find little complicated, but still almost all countries have been liberal in the terms and conditions that are followed for the procedure. It is just to encourage foreigners to foster their fondling children. However, certain criteria is followed by the agencies, in order to take precaution for the future of innocent lives.

Rules and regulations for adopting international child vary country to country, but most of the rules are same. Following are few of the common points for adopting an international child that the couple needs to keep in mind-

  • First of all, choose the country you want to adopt the child from.
  • Enquire about the required documents to the concerned agency.
  • Gather all the required papers and documents (proof of citizenship, age, marriage certificate, termination of prior marriages if any and many others).
  • Two sets of fingerprints are also required to provide from every adult as well as from the one in the household who is above 18 years old.
  • At the time when petition is sent for adoption, a certified check is also required.
  • And last but not least, approval of petition is needed to be eligible.
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