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Feeding one's baby with care is an essential and important process. The nutrition that a baby receives during the first six months of his life is very crucial for a healthy growth and development of the baby. Even after the first six months, proper care of the baby's food should be taken once he transitions to solid food.

Breast milk is very important for the baby as it has all the essential nutrients that foster proper growth and development for the baby. It also has the essential anti bodies that keeps a baby away from different kinds of infection. In case a mother is not able to produce enough milk, then one can also opt for the formula milk to be fed to the babies that have been made with a lot of care to ensure that they strongly resemble the breast milk in terms of its nutritional value.

For a working mother, it is essential that you set up a routine of bottle feeding for your baby, irrespective of the fact that you provide him with breast milk or formula milk. Breast milk can be easily made available to your baby by using the exhaustive range of breast pumps that are available at foryoumum .com that can help you to express the milk and store it by means of refrigeration to feed it to your baby later.


For a baby to be fed effectively there are a number of bottles feeding kits available today. The essential items in the bottle feeding kit include feeding bottles, nipples, bottle warmers, different sizes of bottles to store the expressed breast milk, a cooler bag to effectively transport and store the expressed breast milk, sterilization kit etc.

Some of the things that you need to keep in mind while choosing the bottle feeding kits are as follows-

  • The bottle feeding kits should have bottles and other accessories that are BPA free and made of material that are free of toxic and hazardous substances.
  • There are bottle feeding kits that are very handy while you travel with your baby as they have milk powder dispensers, steam and electric sterilizer, bottle warmers, thermal bags etc. These items are essential to keep the breast milk or the formula milk safe from any kind of contamination.
  • Some of the kits might also have orthodontic soothers that are often loved by babies and come in handy during the phase of teething.
  • Ensure that the bottles and the accessories available in the kit can be sterilized and cleaned easily to ensure that you do not have to indulge in a time consuming process to clean the feeding gear of your baby.
  • Ensure that the bottle feeding kits have bottles or other feeding accessories with wide neck that can help in reducing the inflow of air while your baby is sucking to drink the milk so that your baby does not have to undergo a bout of uncomfortable hiccups due to excess ingestion of air.
  • The nipples of the bottles and the feeding gear in these kits should be soft as well as comfortable and should be of such a shape that it resembles a human breast perfectly, so that your baby can be fed with ease without any resistance from him.
  • Most of the bottle feeding kits are of superior quality and are advanced as they have the beneficial features like the fast reaction valve that can thwart the teat from collapsing.

Conclusively, get the best feeding kit for your baby, so that your baby can be fed in an effortless and easy manner. In addition, ensure that your baby also enjoys and loves the process of feeding for him to be able to make the most of the feeding time.

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