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It is true that physical fitness is very important for people at any age, but it is especially a concern for older citizens. As our parents' age, they become stiff and start losing muscle mass, this can lead to problems in balance as well as cardiovascular issues. It is possible to keep the heart healthy and muscles strong by enjoying fun exercise activities, even if it is only a few times in a week. Children can encourage elderly parent to continue their physical activities and hobbies.

You must check what kinds of exercise your frail parents can tolerate. Every individual older person has their own preferences, tastes and capabilities but there are some simple fun exercise ideas which will help your senior parents stay physically and mentally healthy. They can be adapted to fit into what your ageing parent likes and can do.

Regular cardiovascular exercises, as we know, help maintain a healthy heart and reduce the risk of several diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, some cancers and osteoporosis. There is no need to work out rigorously to stay fit. Simply encourage your parents to take up walking and if possible for them, bike or swim at a moderate pace for 30 minutes or so in a day.

Keeping the exercises fun and varied will help your elderly parents to stick with the program. In fact you can even include other members of your family and friends to enjoy the fun activities. Organize a scavenger hunt or a nature hike with the grandchildren.

We may not realize but everyday fun activities, like tending the garden, can help an elderly person stay active. It increases the heart rate and maintains good blood circulation.

Balance is especially important for your aging parents as good balance helps prevent dangerous falls. There are activities like yoga or tai chi which will facilitate them to work on balance as it encourages gentle movements and good posture. You can help them enroll for beginner classes which are especially designed for seniors. If possible they can practice standing on one foot while placing fingertips on a counter to keep steady. Have the grandchildren play a tightrope game with your parents by walking heel to toe and arms outspread as if performing on a high-wire.

There are some other fun activities for elderly parents which can be enjoyed at home or outdoor such as:

Hire a music band and organize a dance party where you can encourage your parents and other seniors to dance as much as possible. If they can't get up and move, they can enjoy the music by moving to the music beat at their seat. Arrange a senior fishing day and get older folks to bring their fishing pole. Make it fun for them. Organize a get together for the elderly and request them to share their personal health tips and memories with each other. Help your parents get involved in social groups Active elderly parents can volunteer in the community. Maintain mental health by doing crossword puzzles. It is good to learn a new pastime such as painting or any other craft.

It does not really matter as to what activity or exercise your elderly parents are taking part in, as long as they are doing something! They can keep busy with walking, working at home or going out window-shopping… any activity is activity.

Interesting fun exercises and games help elderly parents continue being active, which helps in keeping their bodies strong and memory sharp. It is important to check with the doctor before you start any physical exercise program.

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