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Consider Beginning With A Prayer…

“Lord, as I review Lee's thoughts on this, may Your love for my daughter and myself travel with me. I simply want to respond as You lead. In Your Name pray, Amen!”

One: Discover The Meaning Of Your Daughter's Name

First, do a web search or purchase a book to discover the meaning of your daughter's name.

More than likely you know it already, but should you either be investigating names now for the future (how great!) or delving into the topic a bit more, I would simply type “names for baby” or “baby names” in the search engine of your choice and…

Enjoy your search!

Two: Develop A Framework For Your Prayer

In my opinion, the following suggestions help accomplish one very important thing for you as you advance in this meaningful enterprise: they provide for you a framework for the construction of your prayer.

I suggest that you:

Create it prayerfully.
Plan on sharing it with your daughter.
Capture your own heart as it concerns your daughter in the process.
Design it with the intention of using it for many years.
Write it out.

Three: A Sample Creation Of Your Personalized Prayer For The Daughter You Love


By way of example, let's say that the first name of your daughter means “Who is like God” and the meaning of her middle name is “Defender.”

In the following prayer, you will easily discover at least two aspects within the prayer that serve to exemplify my unique framework: (1) I have a deep desire to influence others in the world for Christ in positive ways since that is a part of my personal mission statement; and (2) I want this daughter to experience the reality of grace “on the inside” in terms of her unique “inside needs.” Hence, my sample prayer:

“I pray that (name) may know what You are like, O Lord, from the inside out. And because she does know You in that way, I ask that she will deeply experience Your love, joy and peace on the inside and reflect the same to others around her. May she be a defender of You, Your truth and Your grace in the world and lead others to You as you guide, empower and direct.”

Four: Personalizing The Process — Your Turn!

To assist you in what I believe to be a very fulfilling adventure, consider the following as you create your masterpiece!

“What three things immediately come to mind when I think of my own heart-felt framework in developing this prayer?

“What do I cherish the most in terms of my own heart-felt passions about what I would like to see the Lord accomplish in the life of my daughter?”

“As I reflect on the meaning of my daughter's name (or names), what comes to mind as I prayerfully think through that meaning in view of my heart-felt framework plus what I see (or envision) as her deep needs?”

Five: The Ongoing Personalization: Of Course You Can Change It!

Yes, of course you can modify it!

And, consider adding other prayers as specific insights are given to you by the Lord concerning how to pray.

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