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Everyone in the world is busy looking out for themselves and making noise about their rights. The effort, noise and concentration are so high that we tend to forget that there are those who have no one to shout out and stand on their behalf. This lays credence to arguments that have been long advanced by conservative elements of our society that the world's uncaring nature is multiplying at an alarming rate.

Among the various elements that constitute the vulnerable population, children are the neediest. Various elements have contributed to the ballooning number of orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable. The advent of diseases of a terminal nature has accelerated the number of orphans in most developing economies. A well-known global killer that comes to mind is the dreaded AIDS virus. Wars continue to be waged on a civil scale and among nations further worsening the problem of children without parents. Some of these children have been made into orphans due to the displacement of their parents and relatives.

Economic hardships have also played a major role is worsening the plight of the children. People from the lower and middle classes of world economies have seen their incomes and earning potential being eroded. Many factories have closed shop overnight leaving a trail of destitution behind. These hardships have led to the failure by a lot of parents to take care of their offspring prompting them to do the unthinkable act of abandoning their very own flesh and blood.

A lot of children have found themselves stuck with their siblings with their parents nowhere in sight. This has led to the wide spread and untenable situation of families headed by children. All these conditions have opened wide doors to the abuse of these vulnerable children who are being forced to sustain themselves before adulthood and without any tangible skill to earn a living. Some of the common results of this practice have been the proliferation of rapes, murders, child marriages, child labour and excessive sexually transmitted diseases in children.

A glimmer of hope has been found in adoptive agencies who have taken it upon themselves to make a better world for these children. A number of reputable agencies have set up facilities that house waiting children for adoption purposes. These registered agencies have saved a lot of innocent souls by uniting them with loving families seeking to provide a loving heart to the world's future.

These agencies first strive to locate the biological parents of the children and only resort to adoption if this reunification fails. Care takers in these accommodation facilities are trained to be in a position to care and nurture these kids while awaiting viable adoption options. The children's plight is also publicised urging well-wishers to make a contribution towards their welfare and reorientation in the form of sponsorship in school or providing gifts at times like Christmas.

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