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Nannies in Los Angeles who have or works with children have surely come across a child going through the “No!” phase. As cute as it can be in the beginning, there comes a time when enough is enough. Fortunately, with a bit of perseverance, this phase can be overcome.

Responding to “No!”. One of the most effective ways to stop a child from saying “No!” to everything is to respond accordingly. Children in this phase often use no as an answer whether it is something they want or not.

Treats, meals, toys, and help are among the list of things that a child may say they do not want. When this happens, revoke the offer. Put the treat away, cover the plate and put it in the fridge, put the toy away, and don't help. The child may cry, or throw a tantrum. Ask them again after five minutes, giving a multiple choice of yes or no. If the child insists on answering negatively, revoke the offer again, and wait until the next opportunity.

Nannies in Los Angeles use visual aids. Many preschools use charts with expressions on them. The same charts can be used to encourage a child to express themselves beyond saying “No!”.

Playing a game to get a child to make each facial expression, keep the camera handy and take a picture of each face. Print them out, and tape them to a wall, pin to a cork board, or use magnets to hold them on the refrigerator. Each time the child is asked a question, encourage them to point to a face with their answer. For this to work, the rule is to have the child point to a picture before answering verbally. The child then has to use more than their automatic answer, and will often give positive results.

Nannies in Los Angeles find that the bonus to this method is giving the child a way to communicate their moods, not just answers. Therefore, one may find that a child prone to several tantrums a day will be calmer, as tantrums are typically a result of not being able to communicate effectively

These methods are in no way exclusive. Different children respond better to different things. The important thing to keep in mind when coming up with alternate ideas is that children respond best to nannies in Los Angeles that offer a combination of imagination and a uniquely tailored plan for them.

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