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Surrogate mother is the one who carries a child for woman or couple who is not able to conceive naturally. Or we can say that she is the one who become pregnant usually by artificial insemination for the purpose of carrying a child for another woman.

Number of intended parents increase very rapidly so as demand of surrogate mother also increases. Intended parents are those who are not able to conceive their own child after the continuous intercourse of 1 year. Infertility in modern couples has high success rate due to various reasons such as today's women are more career oriented and become independent, they are not ready to get married in her early age which leads the infertility in them. Other factors are hectic life schedule and some may have personal health problem like low sperm count in males.

Becoming parents is everyone's dream and when one has unable to start a family is just as heartbreaking situation for them. In this respect, surrogate mother brings a new hope for intended parent and makes them able to enjoy cherishing feeling of parenthood.


Surrogacy in India has less hassle in comparison to other western countries. The cost of surrogate mother in India may vary from clinic to clinic. The average cost of Indian surrogate mother is around a fourth of the cost in US. Most of the surrogate mother in India ready to live on your rules and regulations during the treatment. There is no law in India to accept compensation for mothers to rent their womb. They get good compensation and all the expense of the treatment is handled by the intended parents.

Surrogate mother can be anyone, your friend, one of your relative or previous strangers. Many health agencies and legalized clinic are available in India with advanced tech equipment and trained doctors who are always willing to help in completing your dream of becoming parent. Some agencies provide you a list of various surrogate mothers that can help you to select better one for your child.

Intended parent and the mother who carries child need to sign a surrogate contract before the treatment is started which decreases the chances of refusing to surrender the infant by the mother as after the child birth surrogate mother has no right on infant. However some parents allow her to meet the child for limited period at a constant gap.

Becoming a surrogate mother is not easy as it seems to be. There are many criteria to meet such as she should have her own child at least one, not be on any medication and healthy enough to carry infant for other woman. Indian Surrogate mothers meet almost all criteria and this is the reason most of the international or abroad intended parents choose Indian surrogate mother.

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