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Today Richa has turned 5, but still looks as restless as she was in her toddler years. I woke up around 5 O'clock in the morning today to do the arrangements for her birthday, but again Rajiv raised another issue. He always blames me for Richa's condition. It was after 1.5 years of her birth we realized that she is a special child. It was a great shock for us. Though I had some regrets about that in the initial days, I gradually accepted it and now Richa is like my soul. However, Rajiv still couldn't accept the truth; there is no doubt that he loves me and Richa the most, still he is detached from our world.

Richa, in an unexpressive way, always try to catch her father attention. Dear Diary! When I would be able to bridge this gap between the father and his daughter? Sometime I feel like surrendering the self before the wave of time, but I have to continue the fight, at least for my daughter Richa. Today, on her birthday, I may not be able to gift her anything, but can only give her a promise to make her life as good as I can. Love you my Angel… Love you Richa…

There are many parents around the world who daily fight with diverse situations because they have special children. A research study showed that many parents get departed after their child is diagnosed as special. A special child is not the only one who has to fight throughout their life, but sometime their parents also become the sufferers. To cure such a situation, proper mass awareness about the special children is highly required. We often talk about special or differently able children, but many of us are unaware of what symptoms make a child special.

Children with autism are considered to have special needs while those with select mutism, dyslexia, behavioral or learning disabilities are also considered to be children with special needs. All these conditions and many others make the child behave in a different way than what we call normal. They may face difficulty in understanding this, may have lack of concentration or may also show some physical disabilities. In the social setting also, they may feel alien to mix with the normal people. Special kids always require proper support and patience from the side of their parents. Consulting a doctor and getting required information about the condition of the child is the first step towards providing a supportive hand.

Often, parents may find that their child is diagnosed with a condition that they have never even heard of. When that happens, they have to start at the very beginning of learning what the condition is and what they can expect from their child. Having the resources you need to understand your child's special needs is one of the most valuable tools you can have. Moreover, parents can also come up with their own ways of dealing with the child. There are many organizations that work for the special children and also provide programs that can help the child to lead a better life.

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