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Los Angeles is one of the biggest vacation and tourist hotspots in the United States. It is also packed with business travelers and permanent residents. Because of this, there is a demand for various types of nannies in Los Angeles.

Tourists can become overwhelmed with the constant activity, and search for nannies in Los Angeles out of desperation and fear that they will not be able to supervise their children properly while out and about. In these situations, the position is usually a temporary one, only requiring the nanny's services until the family feels comfortable on their own, or their vacation is over.

In some cases, families regularly inhabit vacation homes at the same time each year. These families offer nannies in Los Angeles a full time position while they are vacationing, and often contract the same nanny to join them each year. An arrangement like this ensures that the family will not have to spend every vacation getting to know a new person to take care of their children, and nannies in Los Angeles who contract in this way appreciate the job security it offers.

Other families may use their own trusted nannies in Los Angeles, including their nanny in their vacation fun as a sort of gratuity. While on vacation, the parents may decide to surprise the nanny, compensating for the entire vacation, but only requiring very minimal services. Those finding themselves in this situation are usually very thankful, and this strengthens the employer/employee relationship.

Lastly, the demand for nannies in Los Angeles that have nursing experience is on the rise. More families who have children with special needs are trusting their care to a nanny instead of contracting nurses.

Parents want their children to be in a nurturing environment. Nannies in Los Angeles who have nursing experience, are far more qualified to deliver, and can monitor the child's health at the same time. For the right nanny, opportunities such as this are potentially life-long positions, depending on the needs of the child. The atmosphere is typically more family inclusive, as well. Taking on a position for a child with special needs can be very rewarding, and very stressful. Not everyone can handle it, so it is important to communicate any doubt or worry to the parents prior to accepting.

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