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It can be a real testing time for parents when you start potty training your toddler. No matter how much you want to handle it softly and lovingly there may be times that you may run out of patience and end up giving up. Well not now. Read along to know what might be the different issues that can pop up in the process of training your child for using the potty and how to handle them.

However interesting and creative you tend to introduce your child to the process of potty training, believe it or not, as a parent we are bound to face problems. This is for the simple reason; we feel that things should happen quickly and easily. For us, it is just using the potty, but for the child it is a new process, a new change that he has to adapt. So there is bound to be resistance during the initial stages of training.

Your child might have their own explanation for resisting potty training. Talk to him calmly and try to understand the reason for resisting using the potty. For some it may be due to fear or even anxiety. For others it might just be stubbornness and adamancy. It can even be a simple reason of not being ready or uninterested to use it. Understand the reasoning before you use methods to counter the same. Sometimes it may simply be that they are not yet ready. In that case put off the process and wait for the right time.

When you start potty training, some children find it easy to pee but resist passing stools on the potty. Again this can be due to fear or even constipation issues. Tell your child that you're there if they need you, and if possible try being there alongside with them and persuade them gently to pass stools. If it is constipation, consult a pediatrician to get him treated before carrying on the process.

If it continues even after this probably you can just let him do it in his pull ups in the bathroom and then empty it in to the potty to make him understand where it ultimately is to be done. Let him take his time and never force anything as forcing may make them even more frightened.

Use creative means to make potty training time quite interesting and fun filled. At times distracting their attention on to other things and away from the potty can help them use the potty and have proper bowel movements without any fear or issues. You could probably sing out loud or read books to them or even play a game while they sit on the potty. They can even do some coloring or read board books or count while at the potty.

Whatever the reason be for the problems arising during the process of training be sure not to punish, bully or bring him to shame just because he is not using the potty. This can create adverse effects instead of making it simpler.

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