What Does It Take To Be A Good Parent

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The rise in modernity has brought drastic changes in everything around us. Thus, the parenting tips and mantras that worked for our parents years ago might need some modifications to work for 21st century parents. The parenting methodology for the upbringing of present generation children merges the core values of the past with the present.

For e.g. Parents might feel that the child is too engrossed in modern day technology such as Computers and internet, however there is a need to understand that they are an important education tool. Thus give your child the accessibility and rights to the modern day amenities with proper guidance.

Accept your child- The first step towards positive parenting is acceptance. Parents need to be open to your child's thoughts and decisions. The things that were big deal during our growing up years might not be the same now. Acceptance will build up trust and intern develops a sense of security in a child. Thus, if a child demands do not bluntly say no because he is your child and he is young. Give it a thought and if it's no big deal, accept it.

Communicate freely- Parents need to understand the generation gap with the child. Hence it is important to communicate and share each other's thoughts, views and perceptions. This will not only develop a sense of understanding but will give freshness to your mind. It's necessary to achieve a common consensus where the past values meet 21st century thoughts. As children are our future, it's necessary for adults to understand and correct them whenever required.

Give Freedom- The time has gone when children were not allowed to go out or visit a friend's place, it's necessary to give freedom to the child for his holistic growth and development. Let your child grow in enough space to turn into a responsible adult.

Guide as a friend- While its necessary to give freedom and accessibility, there is an utmost need for the right guidance as well. Parents need to develop a sense of distinction between right and wrong within a child from an early age. Do not act like watch guards but be aware of your child's activities. Also learn to say no in an assertive manner, don't be rude but firm.

Induce modern values in your child by bringing modernity in your parenting. A child needs to grow keeping in mind the present era and the trends accompanying it. This will grow him into a healthy adult in future.

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