What Is Effective Parenting

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Juggling regular responsibilities like meals, housework, errands, etc. is a lot to do. But when you add a precious baby into the equation you add a lot more than seems logical. The baby is maybe 8 pounds at birth but the weight of the equipment that you got to make life easier with an infant will definitely more than twice that.

Those sweet little bundles require three times the laundry of their full grown adult parent. The cleaning and constant attention they require can drain a parent of sleep, and most definitely time.

Then before you know it, your days will have a few more responsibilities added in. You will be spending time training them, getting them out of bed, fed, dressed, teeth brushed, and hair fixed. After that don't you dare sit down. You'll have to spend your minutes keeping them out of trouble and trying to anticipate and answer coos, cries, questions, discerning their needs; are they hungry, tired, bored or just in need of the comfort of Mama's touch?

Now you are in a new stage of extreme spending. Because now what used to take 10 minutes to do takes 30 minutes minimum.

Putting another person's, no matter how small, long term needs in front of your own short and long term needs is a great cost. Not only do you give up your needs but 10 minutes alone with your own thoughts will be a distant memory and you will meet yourself coming and going all day as you bustle around doing your best to get dinner and your clothes on before your husband gets home after work.

Oh, the fun in front of you! As this bundle grows you'll be doing all this AND teaching everything too. Teaching things like talking, walking, safety, self discipline, resourcefulness, and responsibility. You'll be so busy you won't even blink an eye when the baby has cute clean clothes on and you have a spot on your sweater, you'll just be grateful you found a sweater that fit.

As the baby becomes a toddler who walks and talks you have a whole new minefield of adventures waiting. Have you ever gone in a video store or library to choose a title with a toddler?

Yes, there are wonderful treasures just waiting to be uncovered in the life of a mom. They are things like boundless love, unselfishness, pure delight, constant joy, and precious memories and a greater understanding of your Heavenly Father's love for you.

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