What Is Good Parenting Skills

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You are the best thing in my world and it has taken me awhile to find the words to write to you because I never knew I could love someone so much. As every girl does I dreamt of having children of my own with my husband and living the fairytale life. You are defiantly my miracle, my biggest accomplishment, and my most prized procession.

Your father and I have wanted a child since the day we fell in love, of course knowing everything takes time and preparation, it took four years before we were blessed with you. As much as I was convinced I was ready, the day the doctor told me I was pregnant, I couldn't help but to smile and cry, I was in shock that my dream was coming true, that I was going to be a mommy, the one thing I have wanted the most. Now all I could think is what will I have to do to be the best mommy ever. I read books, magazines, and constantly visited mommy blogs to read their advice and stories, thinking I would study ritually as if I were back in college, all I want is to make you proud. As time gets closer to you coming into our world, I have come to realize that no amount of studying would define me as to what type of mother I will be, it's from the heart that matters, the amount of love you show your child, the amount of support you give your child, and the life that you provide your child.


I already have a large amount of love for you so it will be easy to show you everyday and express to you how important you are. Your daddy and I talk to you and tell you how much we love you, rub my belly so you can feel our touch, and work hard so we can provide you with an amazing life. We never want you to stress or worry about the small things in life, we want you to know that we are here to help you every step of the way, though we will have to step back and allow you to make mistakes and learn the lessons that life may bring your way, we will still be there.

We will teach you how to be strong, we will teach you when to walk away, but most of all we will teach you how to love, how to be a caring person, and we will teach you that education is important to succeed in life. We thank god everyday for blessing us with you, we will never take you for granted, so please do the same, we know when you grow older you will throw your tantrums, when you're a teenager you will call us names and tell us you hate us, when you're an adult you will move away and hardly call, when your married and have children of your own our advice will not mean as much as your friends, the older we get the easier it will be to never call or visit. But remember no matter where life takes you, no matter how much you might despise us sometimes when we reprimand you, no matter how much you might be convinced you don't need us, we will still be there. We will never turn our backs to you, your not just our child, your a piece of each of us, you are now our world, our everything.

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