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It is obvious and does not demand any proofs that women have a maternal instinct, but do men have something similar? The psychologists are still discussing the question.

Evidences of paternal instinct could be found in the wildlife. For example male penguins hatch the nestlings. Of course men too should have paternal instinct put in them by nature.

It would be a lie to say that woman love children more, sometimes men express their feelings not like women.

Women have maternal instinct from the day they born, but men have to mature to it. Because men are afraid of their children, they don't feel themselves father for a long time.

As psychologists claim every second man doesn't know how to behave with a little child because they are afraid to harm it unskillfully. Many men don't even try it because of that.

Paternal instinct formation is influenced by parents, society, friends, etc. We can imagine an example: if playing with dolls was forbidden in man's childhood, of course it will be harder for him to feel himself a father.

What is also very important – is independence. If a boy was always nursed by parents or somebody else he may hate his own children because he has to share love and care which belonged to him.

Additionally almost all men copy their father's behavior. So if a father was rude, his son may be rude to his own children in future. But actually this can be prevented. If you really want to understand what good women see in children – ask her woman about it. And don't be nervous, if you're looking for help you will surely get it.

According to psychologists every second man dreams to become a father but fears it. Some men don't want to take the burden of responsibility. In the same time others afraid of being bad fathers. Don't think that such fears are bad, look at it from another angle – they speak of serious intentions of men. Because those men who don't think about children seriously, those, who won't take the burden, but leave it you you, they won't show you that they are afraid. Because they just don't care at all.

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