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We live in an incredibly fast-paced environment. Parents who wish to provide a better future and lifestyle for their children sometimes have no other recourse but to hold on to two or three jobs at a time. Given this situation, we dare ask: can these busy parents still find time to nurture a worthwhile relationship with their kids?

According to West Ridge Academy, the answer is a resounding yes! It is definitely possible to nurture a perfectly healthy and loving relationship with your kids even if you are short of time due to the demands of work and your career.

Provided below are some ways that parents can adopt in order to optimize their time for their children.

Ensure that you are spending high-quality time with your children each and every time. Since we already know that the time that you can spend with your kids is limited, it is doubly important that whatever time that you can spend with them should be high quality. As much as possible, eliminate all distractions so you could concentrate on having the best possible time with each other.

It's also critical that you talk about updates on relevant things in their lives such as school, their hobbies, or their friends. This will help you determine whether your kids are not messing with the wrong crowd and are still following the path that you intend them to. You must be able to express yourself and say the things that you need to say during these rare times that you get to spend time with them. You must be careful however not to rub them the wrong way, as they might not be that receptive if you will be too harsh in delivering the message. While you may justify yourself by saying that you are only doing your job as a parent, it is still not a reason to stop treating your kids as human beings first and foremost. In this manner, they will always be respectful not only to you as their parent but also to all the other people that they encounter, because that's the way that they have been brought up.

Try to have dinner with the entire family every night, if it's possible. You can have a variety of topics to discuss over dinner. Food has that magical quality of being able to loosen everybody up and make the discussions as informal as possible. Remember that the discussions should be a two-way street however. Meaning, in the same manner that you expect them to completely open up to you about their lives, in return they are also expecting the same from you. Your honesty and openness in discussing certain topics with them will enable you to gain their trust and will surely be appreciated. To reiterate, you must ensure that all distractions such as TV, radio, mobile phones, or any other outside influences should be set aside while you are having dinner. Only you and your family's voices, stories and laughter should be heard reverberating around the dinner table as much as possible.

West Ridge Academy says that you must look for activities that will allow all of the family members to participate simultaneously. Because of the limited time that you will be able to spend with your family, it's critical that you engage in activities that the entire family can participate. When it comes to these activities, every one in the family should participate, with no exceptions. Remember: the family that plays together, stays together.

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